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Melba Aros is a self-taught Chilean - Australian textile artist, designer, and mum of two. ​


Melba tells nature’s stories through textiles.From her travelling adventures in many landscapes around the world, Melba’s love of nature, its many textures, and colours, have resulted in beautiful pieces of wearable art. She has gathered different techniques and experimented with many natural dyes using both ancient and contemporary practices.​


Melba’s work is a blend of art, nature, and intuitive free flow. She hand-dye and hand-paints with botanical colours from nature’s gifts, she has foraged herself in beautiful Western Australia.​


She hopes her creations encourage others to immerse themselves in nature, to observe it in depth, and inspire them to create a more sustainable and harmonious world. Her creations celebrate and thank the Earth for its infinite goodness and beauty.​



Melba Aros grew up in the south of Chile, with rainy weather, evergreen forests and a carefree lifestyle that helped her develop a deep connection to nature and appreciation for the simple things in life.

Melba’s interest in textiles started through fashion. As a child she loved designing her own clothes. After high school, she moved to Santiago de Chile to study advertising, before moving to Melbourne years later. There she worked to create her own clothing label.


Melba learned about fashion and textiles through alternative ways. First, by watching her older sister, then by reading books, working in a second-hand clothing factory, interning with a tailor... even traveling the world for more than three years. During that time, she immersed herself in different cultures and communities, documenting different textile expressions.

 It was whilst traveling that her passion for natural dyes started, but it wasn't until she settled down in Perth, Western Australia, that her creative process began to bloom. Since then Melba hasn't stopped learning and experimenting the wonderful art of natural colours.

Melba Aros artist

Melba Aros hand painting on silk with pomegranate peels and iron water. The mix of these two elements gives a beautiful dark grey colour, that after a slow process the paint bond with the fabric. Creating something absolutely unique. Coogee Beach, Perth, Australia

Hand dyed and hand-painted silk kimono

Hand-dyed with avocado, onion skins and hand-painted with pomegranate and iron water

Botanical silk kimono

The final piece. One-of-a-kind silk kimono.Timeless, hand-painted, and hand dyed with plants and minerals from Earth. ​

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