Inspired by the endless beauty of Earth, I create wearable pieces of art on silk.

Within the fibers of my textile pieces, there lives the stories of entire communities and the very soul of nature.’

Their colourful patterns represent life, diversity and the union between humans and the natural world. 

My designs are created using a combination of different techniques that I have gathered during my travels around the world. These include natural dyeing, shibori, eco printing, and hand painting. My work evolves as I experiment with new techniques.

I love working on pure silk fibres. This soft tactile fabric not only has a great affinity with natural dyes; but also it allows me to develop my art without leaving an impact on the Earth.

To achieve the unique hues, I only work with natural dyes, as I believe they are the only ones that can capture the true colours of life.

Natural dyes are a whole world of infinite possibilities that helps us maintain our bonds with nature, and through my textile designs I’m contributing to this unique connection. 

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