The practice of extracting colours from natural sources such as barks, leaves, flowers, insects, mineral, etc is as old as is our civilization and it was the only method known until 1856, when Henry Perkin, an English chemist, accidentally produced and discovered the synthetic dyes. 

From that period, the textile industry underwent a great change and began to be dominated by this new synthetic, cheap and fast production. From this  brought us consequences of enormous issues to our environment and is now one of the biggest polluters to our planet.

These facts, have led to create awareness and generate changes around the world. 

Every day more people, organizations and ideas are added to protect and care for our planet.

The choice of natural dyes vs. synthetic colours is one of them. 

Knowing where the colors that surround us come from is fundamental in order to choose which world we want to live in and which world we want to deliver to the new generations.



Eco print is a contemporary technique discovered by the Australian textile artist “India Flint” in the 90’s. Ecoprinting is about the transfer the hidden colours and shapes from leaves and/ or flowers to paper or natural fabrics. 

Depending on the type of fibres, treatments, mordents, leaves, seasons, chemistry, etc. The results may vary between one to another. 

Ecoprint and Natural Dyes are a whole world of infinite possibilities that keep us close to nature.