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Hi and welcome!

I'm Melba: Chilean - Australian Textile Artist, Designer and Mum specializing in natural dyes. 

Thank you for being here.




I grew up in the south of Chile, with rainy weather, evergreen forests, and a carefree lifestyle that helped me develop my deep connection to nature.


My interest in textiles started through fashion. Ever since I was little, I designed my own clothes...

melba aros
patchwork melba aros


The aesthetic part of my work is reflected in the practices I have been gathering over the years. Through spontaneous brushstrokes, patchwork and markings, I give life to my colourful and tactile creations

botanical silk scarf, melba aros_edited.jpg

Botanical Silk

My brand is borne out of values of sustainability, slow life and as a medium to connect with nature. I believe that every creation should have a purpose to exist. My creations are born to strengthen the bonds between humans and the natural world. 

botanical colours melba aros


The Route of Design: a textile journey

I learned about fashion and textiles through very alternative ways. One of those was traveling the world for more than 3 years. During that time, I immersed myself in different cultures and communities, documenting different textile expressions... 

natural dyes , melba aros
melba aros abstract marks

The final piece is a whole experience that I love so much, and I hope that everyone who gets in touch with my textiles can feel nature itself and that those abstract marks inspire you to take a time to listen to the whispers of your soul 


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