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melba aros

Explore the Spiritual and Colourful World of Melba Aros's Textiles 


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Dedicated to those who can hear the nature's whispers


Melba Aros is a self-taught Chilean-Australian textile artist, designer, and mum of two. ​

Melba tells nature’s stories through textiles. From her travelling adventures in many landscapes around the world, Melba’s love of nature, its many textures, and colours, have resulted in beautiful pieces of wearable art... ​

melba aros abstract nature

Textile Art  

Abstract Nature

botanical colours melba aros


natural dyes, melba aros

Textile Journey 

Melba Aro textile journey 

process melba aros

Working with natural dyes is a very beautiful, rewarding, and delicate practice. It allows me to immerse myself in nature, observe the changes of seasons, the behaviour of the flora and fauna of the place where I live, the rapid growth of some plants and of others so slow they remind me that my time on earth is just a small fragment. - Melba

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