Hi and welcome!

I'm Melba: Chilean - Australian Textile Artist specializing in natural dyes.

Thank you for being here.



I grew up in the south of Chile, with rainy weather, evergreen forests and a carefree lifestyle that helped me develop my deep connection to nature.


My interest in textiles started through fashion. Ever since I was little, I designed my own clothes. Once I finished high school, I moved to Santiago de Chile to study advertising. Years later, I moved to Australia. Melbourne was the first city I came to. Inspired by the fashion designer Coco Chanel, I worked to create my own clothing label.


I learned about fashion and textiles through the most alternative ways. First, by watching my older sister, then by reading books, working in a second-hand clothing factory, interning with a tailor... even traveling the world for more than 3 years. During that time, I immersed myself in different cultures and communities, documenting different textile expressions. It was here while traveling that my passion for natural dyes started, but it wasn't until I settled down in Perth, Western Australia that my creative process began to bloom.


Since then I haven't stopped learning, experimenting this wonderful art of natural colours.


Botanical Silk

My brand is borne out of values of sustainability, slow life and as a medium to connect with nature. 

I believe that every creation should have a purpose to exist. My creations are born to strengthen the bonds between humans and the natural world. 

A small detail like a naturally dyed silk scarf that carries extracts of plants within itself, can remind us that we are part of nature. 

COLOURS OF THE EARTH are my silk textiles. Each one of them has been handcrafted in Western Australia.


All their colours are extracted from nature, through a very delicate and ecological process of natural dyeing. 

Their unique patterned designs are a combination of ancient and contemporary techniques. These include:


Hand painting using plant-based pigments and natural brushes on the silk. 


Shibori is a resist dyeing technique that by stitching, binding and clamping the silk, creates patterns. 


Ecoprint is transferring the hues and shapes of leaves, flowers or fruits onsilk by wrapping the fabric with the plants and then steaming or boiling them.


The possibilities are endless, but the result is as unique as nature itself.